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Why choose us?

With a team of experience professionals on the LNM Lending Team we understand that every loan application we take is not just a loan application but the most important thing in our prospective client’s life.  We understand how each loan takes on a little life of its own and we know how to make sure that your wants and needs are carefully considered while we navigate the ever changing laws and regulations that govern our industry.
Communication before you make an offer through 5 years after you have purchased your home is how we separate ourselves from the here today gone tomorrow Loan Officers that work in our industry.

We have every facet of the loan process in one location so we do not have to wait by the phone or computer for an answer to make sure you receive timely information.  Heck we just go sit on the underwriters desk and get our answer immediately. We truly want to be the last place you ever go to qualify for a home loan.  Many of our clients have been doing business with our team for over 10 years and counting.

We will make you one promise: that we will work very hard for you so that this next home purchase will be the best home purchase you have ever experienced.

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