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New Kitchen with home renovation loan

Home Renovation Loan

Tired of that outdated kitchen or bathroom?
We can help!  Whether you need to make the space more functional, make your home larger, or get rid of some 70′s shag, we can help you create your dream home.


Pure Renovation Loans are Expensive
Most banks simply provide 2nd lien renovation loans that almost always have have a relatively high interest rate (2nd liens are riskier for banks and therefore more expensive).


Renovate and Refinance Concurrently at One Low Rate
We don’t just lend you the money for a renovation or addition. We provide a construction loan for the renovation with the amount based on the projected value of your home after renovation. Then once complete, we’ll refinance your entire house.  The end result will be a beautiful home with a single mortgage and one low rate.


One Low Rate Equals Bigger Budgets
By freeing up cash and lowering your mortgage rate, renovating and refinancing concurrently will almost always allow you to have a substantially larger renovation budget, enabling you to truly build your dream home.


Green Lending
Most lenders do not recognize the value of high performance buildings, and thus will not lend enough money to build them. We do. We have a very special program available to enable you to upgrade to an energy efficient home.

New living room with home renovation loan