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Texas Loan Process

The loan Process

1. Pre-qualification

We will learn about your financing goals in order to determine the best lending solution for you by asking you to complete our pre-qualification form. Once reviewed and pre-qualified, we will notify your builder and begin working through the loan process. Our pre-qualification form may be found on our website at cenderabuildergroup.com.

2. Processing

Once you are pre-approved, our Processing Department will gather all of the necessary information required for loan approval. We want to make sure that we have obtained everything required so that the process of underwriting your loan is achieved in a very timely manner.

3. Underwriting

Our Underwriting Department will now evaluate your documentation to ensure that all necessary requirements have been met. These will include credit history, financial data, property information as well as our investor standards so that a final approval can be issued.

4. Closing

Once your loan has received final approval from underwriting, in most circumstances your loan can close within 24 hours. Our closing team will maintain consistent communication with your builder, title company as well as any others, to once again ensure that your expectations are met, as well as all of those involved.

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